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Department of Reader Complaints: Your senility...

...seems to get worse by the day. Ok so you were as bullish as can be for the entire month that the market went straight down. So now you decide to suspend your predictions? Cop out. And now your comments today on the supply/demand equation for the oil industry? What you think your the only one who understands the fundamentals of basic economics? Your glibbness grows with each downtic in your P&L. Why don't you go and count how long it takes to bring new oil reserves online? Why don't you count the supply and demand statistics? Why don't you count the number of speculators who are also looking/praying for a move down in energies? Forget about suspending predictions, you should suspend your entire existence. I'll give you this, at least you took the pictures of your ugly ... Good luck to you. Y.J.


Dept of Reader Complaints: Senility

Vic, Professionals know how to hit the sell key when a prediction/idea doesn't work. You have been a source of counter trend ideas, which I found helpful. L.S.

Vic's Response: It is good that the professionals have augmented any premature signs of senility that my predictions have displayed.