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Bonnie Lo: A Market Tango

A couple years ago, I was the maid of honour at best friend's wedding and had to dance with the best man who I had not met before - I have trouble dancing slow dance in close position with a man I hardly know (especially because of boyfriend). I stepped on him a couple times to discourage overfamiliarity, he would have been safer had he given some distance between (as opposed to none). He was wise enough to let go before I decided to start kicking. wise to also apply to market lady if you've not danced much with her before...

Kim Zussman Comments

Surely every gentleman knows a lady requires patience and doesn't like to be afraid.

This waltz is performed differently in Russia. The dance of courtship is not confined to prenuptual enticements, and the game is always on. Sometimes in fact, often in fantasy, mixed couple socializations are extramarital soap operas of faux flirtations and innuendo. Often ending in tears or bruises.

This dance is evident in Yukos' histrionics; with judges, bailiffs, and presidents making conflicting advances on the rapidly falling sweet light crude.

Popular opinion there is that oligarchs like CEO Khodorkovsky, once a good little marxist, tangoed with Yeltsin's family when state goodies were divvied up. How else but through corruption could impoverished Russia sport so many dappers in the 10 richest of Europe? The vilifications of Khodorkovsky are votes in Putin and his KGB alumni's pockets.

Similar to so many other "crises", it seems odd that this dance in one company, of one country, of many oil producers, should so violently coachwhip the oil snake. Irrational lubricants?