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McNabb: An Aesthetic Professors Take On Demoinvestments

As one of the more practiced in recreation on the list, it is striking the evidence of the Reagan Revolution and libertarianism present in the consumption choices of the baby boom.

Reminding the list that the boomers are the pig in the python with retirement age peaking around 2009 - 2010, note that they have chosen to leave their offspring with houses, attics, garages, slips, and hangars full of toys. About 50 years ago, it was more important to create wealth by family unit and systemic programs. Today it is clear that the notion of self-reliance is the greater expectation of elder boomers of their progeny.

So as the growth investor of the fifties found comfort in insurance and banking products as well as those stocks; so should the recreationally minded investor find comfort in the growth industries of the present. Results from Harley (today), a host of RV makers, snowmobile makers, cruise lines, and the casinos demonstrate that the bumper sticker stating: "I'm spending my kid's inheritance" may be more true than ever.

Of course, why was it the kid's money in the first place?