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Rich Bubb on Aikido

My old Tae-kwon do instructor (6th degree black belt and former martial-arts/hand-to-hand instructor to one of the US divisions stationed in Korea at the DMZ, loved to tell us of the stories like this one.

When Master Park was a boy studying in Korea, his instructor would tell Tae-kwon do class to assume offensive or defensive stance. Then the instructor would leave and go do his laundry!! upon his return, the instructor could tell which students had remained in assigned stances by the shaking of student's limbs and puddles of sweat on floor under the serious students. The not serious students were told to go home, while the serious students got advanced lessons.

Part of Master Parks' lessons he taught a few students:

A side note I recall is that an Aikido master is usually unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat with a similarly ranked combatant from any other martial arts discipline.